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Self Drive Directions

Directions from Geneva Airport to Val d’Isere

Once on the motorway always follow the Blue signs. You will also see Green signs for the same destinations, but these send you on to the smaller roads, where there are no tolls.

Upon exiting Geneva Airport follow the signs for France. If you miss the first left-turn for France you can continue straight ahead and there is a second left-turn approx 1km later. You will quickly be on a dual carriageway, and after going through several tunnels you will come to the Swiss/French border (douanes in French). After the border make sure to keep in the left hand lane and follow the Blue signs for Annecy.

Follow the signs for Annecy and continue past Annecy until you see a sign for an exit (Sortie) for Chambery/Grenoble/Turin. Take this exit and continue following signs for Chambery. From Chambery follow the A43 towards Albertville. From Albertville follow the N90 signs for Moutiers.

When approaching Moutiers keep in the left hand lane and follow the signs for the Haute Tarentaise/Bourg St. Maurice. When you get to Bourg St. Maurice follow the signs to Val d’Isere.

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